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It’s my birthday today :) buy me cake and gin!



"I keep a calm, cool exterior but in reality, I’m dying to get home to my crochet!"

I asked my husband if I could bring my crochet to the park today, but he said no. So while the kids were playing on the swings I grabbed a branch and fashioned a hook out of it. Then I spent the rest of the time keeping an eye out for something to crochet with. Everything I tried was too fragile though. :-/


Still, don’t try to keep me from my crochet! I was close to trying to pull a string out of my t-shirt to crochet with!






i didn’t know alpacas were so majestic

it is my goal to have one of these in my backyard when i am older 

The emperors new groove got it right

he’s a llama


I’m wanting to actually get my logo for my business designed. I always know what I want I just have no idea hownto get it out of my head onto a screen. I’m no good with graphics!

So yeah if anybody knows anything about graphics and could help, that’d be just super duper.

I’m just so burned out with crochet right now. Right now I just want to spin yarn all day long but I have no room for more yarn!

I’m thinking of maybe doing a yarn giveaway in the possibly not so distant future. Also I want to start selling yarn (or anything I make!) like 6months ago. Somebody help be deal with getting started!

Not reblogging for silly cat, reblogging for crocheted blanket!

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